Durit Brazil counts on a vast line of products of high quality, directed to several segments in the market. Know some of the product families below and find the ideal solution for your business.


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The behavioral expectations of component materials and tools are progressively more demanding. It must always be aimed at a greater economy and profitability of the processes through its optimization. To answer the expectations and optimization of production, the use of hard metal is the solution, because its superior wear behavior and the possibility of obtaining high precision finishes are the guarantee of a long life time of dies, tools and components generally. The determining factors in the choice of the carbide grade for each application are those related to the function and working conditions to which the part or tool will be subjected.

Durit is a unique supplier, because it manufactures a wide range of tools and parts in hard metal. All the pieces are produced using the most modern technologies, either pressing,or sintering in Sinter-Hip furnaces. The back finishing is carried out with the latest generation of EDM or rectification machines with conventional or CNC machines.


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